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eCABS® Point of Sale Food and Beverages (F n B) - Application Suite

CSAT has been providing computer software applications & related services to the hospitality industry. Having good understanding of Business Process & Knowledge of Point of Sales F n B operations, we at CSAT have developed a comprehensive suite of software applications to manage all the front & back office operations at POS F n B complex. These application modules & sub modules would increase the efficiency of operational staff and integrate the POS operation for better management & control. The CSAT eCABS® Application suite (SU) covers following types of POS F n B operations :
Bakery, Bar , Bistro, Barbecue, Café , cafeteria, Call center, Canteen, Casual dine, Clubs, Coffee shop, Dynamic rate/Bar exchange, Home delivery, Fast food, Fine dine , Food court, Kiosk, Lounge, Night clubs, Online ordering, Pub, Pizza, QSR , Room service, Sweet shop, Takeaway, truckshop, etc operation……

The CSAT eCABS® Application Suite for POS F n B has following core modules :
Point-of-Sales F n B Billing System
  • Manage unlimited Point-of–Sales (POS) for billing and define POS based menu item rates & discounts.
  • Extend menu items with add on , modifier, combo, deals , happy hours, item discount etc
  • Make operations more easier with table layout , touch screens & mobile ordering
  • Simplify more with integrated order entry , reservations, electronic ordering & table status and improve guest services
  • Input order & Item remarks at ordering and print them in preparation area.
  • Communicate seamlessly between the restaurant and kitchen - enable remote order printing or display on kitchen terminal for preparation & pickup of ordered items.
  • Handle order split, modification, cancellation along with billing for chargeable and non-chargeable orders
  • While billing manage discount, modification , cancellation , split, reprint , settlement etc. along with remark on bill modification, discounts , cancellation and undo bill settlement .
  • Takes care of bill settlement in cash, credit cards, guest credit etc and provides comprehensive cashier daybook.
  • Fully secured with authorization based operations, log & history
  • Day / shift end & begin options to close & open operations
  • Comprehensive reporting on sales, cashier, taxes, menu item sales, time-zones, settlement etc. and provides daily audit report.
  • More power with add on sub modules for Touch screen, Android Mobile & Tablet (enables wireless order taking - Steward & Guest ordering app) , Dashboard on go, Debit card, KDS, Guest Feedback System, Dynamic Rate / Bar Exchange, Messenger Notifications/ Alerts Email/ SMS, Basic Inventory, Basic CRM, Loyalty, Coupons, AR, Call center, Online Restaurant Discovery platform (ORD), Portal web order, Table Reservation
  • Links with CSAT eCABS® Hotel , Club, Wellness, CRM for POS billing
  • Links with CSAT eCABS® Finance, HRIS & Material management for related postings.
  • Hardware Interfaces for Cash drawer, Customer Pole Display, Electronic Cash Drawer, Magnetic Swipe reader, Order / KOT / BOT/ Coupon slip printers, Remote Print Server, Smart Card/RFID reader, Touch Screens , Android Mobile & Tablet , KDS / Kitchen display , Weighing scale, Bar code reader etc
  • Third party Interfaces for Tally Accounting, Oracle Accounting , Mall Management, Payment Gateway, Bar Exchange etc
CRM System
  • Import guest data from other sources in DBF, CSV, EXCEL, ACCESS etc
  • All information on guest including geographic, contact, personal, likes & dislikes etc.
  • Define your own parameters for comment cards , maintain cards data for analysis
  • Define your own guest loyalty and reward guests for loyalty
  • For SMS & eMail define your own template
  • Export guests data in DBF, ACCESS, CSV and EXCEL
  • Get reports on guest spending, new guests, guest DOB/DOM, non visiting guests
  • Links with CSAT eCABS® POS FnB for billing, loyalty & redemption
Material Management , Recipe & Food Costing System
  • Manages all kinds of items including food with UOM & stock levels
  • Vendor management for all items supplied by vendor.
  • Maintain supplier’s rate on items, take internal indents and generate purchase orders accordingly.
  • Define recipe (ingredients) of all sale-able menu-items from POS.
  • Provision for intermediate items recipe being used in multiple menu-items.
  • Based on recipe of menu-items generates cost sheet
  • Define & generate cost sheet on your new proposed menu items during trials.
  • Reporting on estimated versus actual consumption of raw materials.
  • Maintain delivery status on orders with report on supplier performance.
  • Handle complete flow starting from indent , authorization , receipt & issue.
  • Record transactions like MRN, receipt, issue, transfers, production, consumption wastage, physical stock
  • Multi & sub-store accounting with weighted average , last purchase price , LIFO & FIFO method of valuation
  • Generate all standard reports i.e. checklist, stock ledgers, status, registers , variance etc
  • Links with CSAT eCABS® POS FnB & Finance for related postings.
Financial Accounting System
  • Application takes all finance related vouchers as the basic input
  • Maintains general ledger, accounts receivable & payable.
  • Trial balance, balance sheet and profit & loss are available on-line from vouchers input and provides editing of vouchers from them.
  • It can also manage cash flow, cost center, TDS, budgets, auditing and bank reconciliation.
  • Direct bank cheque printing
  • Links with other CSAT eCABS® modules internally for importing finance related entries.
Human Resources Information System
  • Taking Personnel information as the base, the system manages employees profile with all details.
  • Attendance & leaves management
  • Capture data from any time-attendance machine for attendance recording.
  • Define income & deductions for payroll accounting
  • Payroll takes care of compensation administration (PF, ESI, bonus, gratuity, TDS , leave encashment etc) and generates all statutory reporting related to them.
  • Links with CSAT eCABS® Finance for related postings.
Asset Management System
  • Manages information on multi-location & assets.
  • Generates Purchase Inquiries, take quotations from vendors, generates purchase orders and takes deliveries of assets.
  • Keep information on asset usage, maintenance, AMC , insurance, consumption of spares etc. The system also has depreciation calculator on assets.
NOTE : Ask for more information on above CSAT eCABS® modules, sub modules & hosted cloud based CSAT TAPESA apps. Ask for list of clients in your city/area.
Cloud based hosted solution.
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