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eCABS® CSAT Contactless Dining Solution for Restaurants

Our company CSAT Systems Pvt. Ltd. will begin connecting with restaurants & cafés in the coming time to teach them about self guideline and Contactless Dining , so when the lockdown closes, our clients can arouse trust in people in general and usher a more secure, progressively consistent period of dining encounters.

Contactless Dining will have the accompanying segments–

1: Contactless or Digital Menu– check a QR code on the table to explore the café & restaurant digital menu with dish and blending proposals.

2: Contactless Ordering– order through the application (you don’t need to talk to the staff to place an order, or to modify an order).

3: Contactless Payment– when done, just pay the bill via the app and leave the café premises.

eCABS® CSAT Contactless Self Registration Solution for Hotels

With the advances in innovation, the product needs of a business changes after some time. On the off chance that the current programming you are utilizing for your lodging is outdated, it might be keeping your business down and prevent you from picking up efficiency. By picking the correct Hotel Management Software with Contactless Self Registration, you can profit by the accompanying highlights:

1: Reduce costs via robotizing errands.

2: Enhance staff effectiveness.

3: Improve efficiency.

4: Replace desk work forms.

5: Keep your booking dashboard refreshed consistently.

6: Customize registration/registration by contactless self registration.

7: Personalize appointments and value plans.

  • Application manages information on multi -location & Assets.
  • Generates Purchase Inquiries, takes quotations from vendors, generates purchase orders and takes deliveries of assets.

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